Wedding Make Up & Make Up for the Camera

As we are in the midst of wedding season, various fabulous glam is featuring so heavily on social media channels.  It’s so easy to get inspired for your wedding or special event, simply log on to Instagram on a Sunday afternoon and BOOM – there are tons of lovely looks!

But creating a look for an event where you know you’ll be on camera, such as a wedding or a big birthday, is so difficult.  Make up needs to be layered differently and often we need a substantial amount more than we’d wear every day to ensure our look is perfect for high definition photography.

So we thought we’d create some tips for those LDUK Beauties, who want to use our wonderful products for the big day…

Keep it smooth

The key thing for on camera make up is to reduce skin texture.  The best way to do this is to apply a flawless foundation using one of our Mallow Bomb blenders.  Prior to foundation application, apply your selected primer all over your face.  Then wet the Mallow Bomb and squeeze any residual moisture out until it’s just damp.  The Mallow Bomb is a larger blender, so can be used to apply foundation to the entire face, whereas our Perfect blend blenders are awesome for those under eye areas, blush and around the nose!  The most awesome selection of blender sponges to provide a flawless base!

High-lighting is everything

Heavy contour is out!  On camera, any significant change in skin tone will be so obvious and can make your skin look textured and uneven when you absolutely don’t want it to be!  Highlighting using our amazing Bronze and Glow highlighter kit will allow you to bronze, contour lightly and get that highlighter sparkle too!  Team this amazing trio with our large powder brush for the perfect application!  For the overall bronze, use the powder brush as normal, then take the brush between your thumb and forefinger, flaring the brush and creating a long thin shape.  You can use the brush like this to apply highlighter to the tops of your cheeks, as well as a light contour on your cheekbone.  This prevents the heavy contour which you might get with a kabuki or chisel brush, avoiding the need for blending (which wastes a significant amount of product). 

Frame the eyes

Framing your eyes with a beautiful set of lashes will open them up on camera, allowing your eyes to ‘pop’!  We love our ‘Fierce’ vegan lashes as this super wispy set will suit everyone.  Trim lashes to fit your eyes – if you have a slightly down-turned eye shape or a heavy lid, you can even cut the lashes to create a wing on the end of your lash line.  This will open up your eyes and show off any lovely eyeshadow colours on your lid.

The Perfect Pout

Although most of us prefer a matte, nude lip for every day, actually, this is one of the worst options when you’re wanting your make up to look good on camera.  Nude lip gloss or lipstick will make lips disappear, something we absolutely want to avoid!  If you’re not into brightly coloured lips (or they won’t go with your theme) a jewel toned lipgloss is the best solution!  Our ‘Sweet Talk’ lip gloss provides an amazing pink diamond tone with a slight sheen to give a bit of glitz and glam for those who prefer a glossy lip.  For a more matte option,  without the sparkle, ‘Diva’ lipgloss is red, but applied sparingly, can provide a gorgeous ruby glow (without being over the top).

For more make up tips, head over to our social media channels, to see trial videos and various make up artists creating different looks with our products!  

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Beauty Tip Tuesday! - Highlighting And Contouring

Having a flawless base is something we all crave, it is the foundation of your whole make up so you want it to look perfect! We see our Instagram feeds flooding with different tutorials and tips of how to contour and highlight, some more extreme than others.  Whether its the use of excessive amounts of product, or overdoing it with harsh lines, wrong colour choices, and bad placement - there are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to highlight and contour but we’re here to help you!

We have simplified the steps to a flawless base with some basic Do’s and Don’ts.


  1. Highlight the high points of your face - the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupids bow. These areas are where the sun will naturally hit and give you a subtle glow.  *Pro tip: If you would like to give your nose a slight lift then highlight above the tip.
  1. Contour using a slightly darker shade to your base to give definition and depth. To achieve chiselled cheekbones, simply suck in your cheeks, and use an angled brush to sweep the powder into the hollows using back and forth motions.  Contour can be different for everyone depending on your face shape and the desired look you’re wanting to achieve, so make sure you do some research into your face shape to achieve the best contour for you. 


  1. Overapply highlight! Sharp lines should be avoided and will leave your make up looking harsh and un-natural. 
  1. Forget to blend. Blending everything together is KEY and is essential to creating that flawless base we’re all after.


Contouring and highlighting doesn’t need to be done with multiple products, you can simply do this with a highlighter and bronzer! Try our LDUK beauty Bronze and Glow kit to create the perfect customisable contour for you. The 3 products included in this kit work amazingly together to create the perfect contoured and sun kissed complexion. Try mixing the bronzers together to create your perfect shade of bronze! 

The highlighter included in this kit is also the PERFECT creamy consistency to create a natural, dewy looking glow. 


Try our full range of highlighters here!

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Your ultimate guide to the LDUK beauty make up blenders!

This is your ultimate guide to the LDUK beauty make up blenders! Using the wrong make up tools can really mess up your make up look. You could be using all the best products in the world, but if the tools you are using are wrong, or the way you are using them is incorrect, then your make up could still end up looking patchy, cakey, or streaky! And no one wants that. 

But, this is where make up sponges come in. Unlike make up brushes, where there is a million different types for different products and the various densities and length of bristles, it can get a little overwhelming. Not like a simple make up sponge. 

At LDUK beauty, we stock two incredible make up sponges, the Perfect Blend and the Mallow Bomb. So, lets break them down:

The Perfect Blend

You’ve likely seen the iconic, egg-shaped sponges everywhere by now. It’s a favourite amongst beauty bloggers, celebrities and your next door neighbour - and with good reason. Now, take this super popular egg shape, and add a flat side. It looks like someone has taken a slice out of the side of what would be a perfect tear drop shaped sponge, and this is your Perfect Blend make up blender. But, this unique flat side is precisely what makes Perfect Blend such a multi-use tool!

Before using blenders it is ESSENTIAL that you wet them. Never apply product with a dry blender, it will most likely soak up all the product, and not give you the flawless base you have been promised on the item product description. So, rinse the blender under some water until it is completely saturated and then squeeze out all the excess. Now your blender is perfectly damp, and has doubled in size. 

*Pro tip: The level of wetness can also control your level of coverage. If your blender is just slightly damp, you are able to build up medium to full coverage, and if your sponge is very damp, you can get a dewy, sheer finish. 

As a multi-use make up blender, The Perfect Blend can be used for liquid, cream and powder products! So no need to keep carrying around multiple make up brushes when this one tool can do it all. Ideal if you’re someone who wants a quick and easy make up application. 

For the rounded side (the bottom of the teardrop) use this for blending product on large areas of your face, i.e. your foundation or cream contour products. Use a repeated “dabbing” or “stippling” motion to create the most flawless complexion. The soft, foam ball applies a seamless coat of product leaving skin flawless instead of patchy and cakey! 

The precision tip, is the smallest part of the blender. So this is best for covering blemishes and imperfections with your concealer. 

Finally, the flat edge. This distinctive shape makes applying your powder products a dream!! It contours perfectly around the eyes and the nose. Loose powder products sit perfectly on this part of the blender and when pressed into the skin, produces an airbrushed complexion. 

Mallow Bomb

Next up is the Mallow Bomb. Now, this shape is super unique and isn’t something you see on the market often. We are absolutely obsessed with this blender, and were blown away when we first used it to say the least!

The Mallow Bomb is a particularly large blender, and when wet - WOW, it’s huge. Like the Perfect Blend, the Mallow Bomb blender is also a fantastic multi-use make up sponge, and can be used for your liquid, cream and powder products. 

The flat side (the bottom of the blender) is the side you should be using to blend product over large areas of your face. So this will mostly be your liquid products, i.e. your foundation. However, you can also use the tip of the blender for this, and for any cream products. Because of the Mallow Bomb’s XL size the tip is more rounded than most blenders on the market, so if you prefer more of a rounded blender - then we recommend using the tip for blending. 

The precision tip can also be used for your concealers, and to cover any imperfections and blemishes. 

For your powders, and loose powders, we recommend using the flat bottom of the blender, but for an easier application, try compressing the blender together. 

Now you’re an LDUK beauty make up sponge expert, head over to our website and give them a try and let us know which one you prefer! 

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Beauty blenders, do's and don'ts

Beauty blenders and make up sponges have taken over the market, and they are everywhere!! At LDUK beauty we are obsessed with make up sponges, and stock 2 incredible blenders. The Mallow Bomb Blender, and The Perfect Blend. Both different, and both AMAZING. So here are our do’s and don’ts that will give you the most flawless make up application. 

Do - wet the sponge before using. 

NEVER use the sponge dry. Using a sponge dry will soak up your product and you don’t want that! But, equally - you don’t want a soaking wet sponge either because then the product will not soak into your skin correctly and the product could separate. 

What you need to do is completely saturate your sponge in water. You can do this buy running under the tap, or leave to soak in a glass of clean water. Then squeeze out any excess water, until your sponge is damp - not wet. 

Don’t - drag the sponge across your face. 

When using a sponge, it is important to use dabbing motions to work the product into your skin. If you were to drag the sponge across your face, then what you will end up doing is simply smearing the product across your face, and not actually blending it into your skin. This will create visual lines and a very un-even base.  

By using a repeated ‘dabbing’ or ‘stippling’ motion will create the ultimate flawless base, and is best for applying your liquid / cream products. 

Do - use different parts of the sponge for different things

Don’t just use the same side of the sponge for everything, it has different sides for a reason! 

Both The Perfect Blend make up sponge and The Mallow Bomb Blender have 3 distinct surfaces that gives you numerous ways to apply your make up. Our blenders can be used for liquid, cream and powder products! 

Rounded sides - This is for blending product on large areas of your face, i.e. your foundation. Use the repeated “dabbing” motion we mentioned earlier for the ultimate flawless base. 

Precision tip -  Covers blemishes and imperfections, this is best used for blending your concealer.

Flat edge - Perfect for your powder products, as it contours around the eyes and nose.

Do - clean your blender regularly. 

After each use, clean your make up sponge! Use a pea-sized amount of baby shampoo and water. Then, rinse your sponge but make sure you take extra care as if you squeeze too hard, it could cause the sponge to tear. We recommend that you replace your sponge every 3 months to stop any build up of bacteria. 


By following these simple do’s and don’ts you will be able to create the most airbrushes and flawless make up! 

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How To Select Your Perfect Strip Lashes

We all love strip lashes right?! They instantly make your eyes pop, and elevate any beauty look. The vast range of strip lashes available on the market now is insane! With so many different styles, lengths, thicknesses, and they’re even made from loads of different materials, it can definitely be overwhelming if you have no idea where to begin, or even what style will suit you best.

Well, we’re here to save you all that time and money. No need to buy 10 different pairs of strip lashes to see which ones suit you! We are going to breakdown the lash styles that work best for you, depending on your eye shape. 

Round Eyes:

If you can see any white around the top or bottom of your iris when looking straight ahead at a mirror, this means you have “round” eyes. Round eyes are less tapered than almond eyes, and appear more open. Take advantage of your open eyes! You will also normally have more eyelid space, meaning you can get away with a thicker lash. 

For a natural look, you want to select strip lashes that fan upwards, if you’re really wanting to draw attention to your open eyes, we recommend a “doll” shaped lash - this means there are longer lengths in the middle of the strip, and shorter lengths at the sides. Why not try our “BABY DOLL” strip lashes. Or, for some extra volume our “BADASS” strip lashes. However, if you would like to lengthen out your eyes, then you will want to try a “cat eye” lash which will give you added length in the corners. For this, we recommend our “FLIRTY” strip lashes. These amazing lashes have an overall ‘doll’ eye look but with slightly longer lengths at the outer corners, creating the perfect subtle cat eye strip.

Almond Eyes:

If you look in the mirror and part of your iris disappears under your lids, you have almond eyes. Luckily, most lash styles look great on you!! So depending whether you would like a natural, wispy or full volume look, your possibilities are endless. Why not try our “DREAMY” lashes for the ultimate wispy lash. Or, if you’d like something a little more natural, then give our “9 TIL 5” lashes a try.

Hooded Eyes:

Hooded eyes often feature a heavy brow bone with a deep-set crease. When hooded eyes are open, they eyelid generally isn’t visible as it retracts into the crease. False lashes can help to open your eyes, and make them look larger. The best strip lashes for you are ones which taper at each end, with the longest lengths in the middle - known as a “doll” eye look. We recommend a natural-medium strip lashes, as anything too full may cause your eyes to look smaller. Give these strip lashes a try - “BABY GIRL”, “AU NATUREL” and “HOTTIE”.

Monolid Eyes:

If your eyelid doesn’t have a crease whatsoever, you will have monolid eyes. Similar to hooded eyes, monolids also have eyelids that are not visible when open. With this shape, you will want to select lashes that have a curl to them, with multi-layers to really open the eyes. For a more natural look, you should be selecting shorter length strip lashes such as our “AU NATUREL” and “CUTIE” lashes. If you are wanting a more dramatic look, choose lashes that will elongate the eye with an upwards curl, we suggest “CLASSY”.

Once you have selected your favourite strip lash, you may need to trim the lashes with scissors to allow them to fit on your eyes perfectly. No matter what your eye shape, all eyes are different sizes so there’s no way one strip lash can fit all. 

Fitting your lashes:

To fit your lashes, rest the false lash along your lash line (without glue), we recommend using our Eyelash Applicator so you can get a clear view of the length of the strip lashes. The lash should begin a few millimetres past the inner corner of your lashes, this will ensure your eyes don’t get irritated. Mark where your natural lashes end with your finger, then, use scissors to trim the end of your false lash. Make sure you always cut from the outside of your eye and fit each lash individually as your eyes can be different sizes!

Now your lashes are the correct size, it comes down to lash application. This does take practise so don’t be disheartened if your lashes aren’t sticking down perfectly straight away. Everyone applies lashes differently, so it’s all down to personal preference. Some people like to use a tweezer like our Eyelash Tweezer or an application tool like our Eyelash Applicator or, you can just use your fingers. 

Firstly, curl your lashes! We believe this is super important, as many of our LDUK beauty lashes have an amazing curl to them, so in order for your natural lashes to blend seamlessly use an eyelash curler for 10 seconds to give your natural lashes a slight lift. Why not try our LDUK beauty Eyelash Curlers

Once your lashes are curled, apply a thin layer of Eyelash Adhesive and wait 5-10 seconds for this to go tacky. Then, take your lash applicator tool of choice (or your fingers) and place the lash into the centre of your eye, then press down the corners to secure in place. Once the entire lash is on the lid, hold for a remaining 10 seconds to ensure the glue is properly dry.

That’s it! You’re all done, so follow these simple simple steps and you’ll be wearing your favourite lashes in no time.

You can shop our full range of LDUK beauty strip lashes here!