Wedding Make Up & Make Up for the Camera

As we are in the midst of wedding season, various fabulous glam is featuring so heavily on social media channels.  It’s so easy to get inspired for your wedding or special event, simply log on to Instagram on a Sunday afternoon and BOOM – there are tons of lovely looks!

But creating a look for an event where you know you’ll be on camera, such as a wedding or a big birthday, is so difficult.  Make up needs to be layered differently and often we need a substantial amount more than we’d wear every day to ensure our look is perfect for high definition photography.

So we thought we’d create some tips for those LDUK Beauties, who want to use our wonderful products for the big day…

Keep it smooth

The key thing for on camera make up is to reduce skin texture.  The best way to do this is to apply a flawless foundation using one of our Mallow Bomb blenders.  Prior to foundation application, apply your selected primer all over your face.  Then wet the Mallow Bomb and squeeze any residual moisture out until it’s just damp.  The Mallow Bomb is a larger blender, so can be used to apply foundation to the entire face, whereas our Perfect blend blenders are awesome for those under eye areas, blush and around the nose!  The most awesome selection of blender sponges to provide a flawless base!

High-lighting is everything

Heavy contour is out!  On camera, any significant change in skin tone will be so obvious and can make your skin look textured and uneven when you absolutely don’t want it to be!  Highlighting using our amazing Bronze and Glow highlighter kit will allow you to bronze, contour lightly and get that highlighter sparkle too!  Team this amazing trio with our large powder brush for the perfect application!  For the overall bronze, use the powder brush as normal, then take the brush between your thumb and forefinger, flaring the brush and creating a long thin shape.  You can use the brush like this to apply highlighter to the tops of your cheeks, as well as a light contour on your cheekbone.  This prevents the heavy contour which you might get with a kabuki or chisel brush, avoiding the need for blending (which wastes a significant amount of product). 

Frame the eyes

Framing your eyes with a beautiful set of lashes will open them up on camera, allowing your eyes to ‘pop’!  We love our ‘Fierce’ vegan lashes as this super wispy set will suit everyone.  Trim lashes to fit your eyes – if you have a slightly down-turned eye shape or a heavy lid, you can even cut the lashes to create a wing on the end of your lash line.  This will open up your eyes and show off any lovely eyeshadow colours on your lid.

The Perfect Pout

Although most of us prefer a matte, nude lip for every day, actually, this is one of the worst options when you’re wanting your make up to look good on camera.  Nude lip gloss or lipstick will make lips disappear, something we absolutely want to avoid!  If you’re not into brightly coloured lips (or they won’t go with your theme) a jewel toned lipgloss is the best solution!  Our ‘Sweet Talk’ lip gloss provides an amazing pink diamond tone with a slight sheen to give a bit of glitz and glam for those who prefer a glossy lip.  For a more matte option,  without the sparkle, ‘Diva’ lipgloss is red, but applied sparingly, can provide a gorgeous ruby glow (without being over the top).

For more make up tips, head over to our social media channels, to see trial videos and various make up artists creating different looks with our products!  

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