Your ultimate guide to the LDUK beauty make up blenders!

This is your ultimate guide to the LDUK beauty make up blenders! Using the wrong make up tools can really mess up your make up look. You could be using all the best products in the world, but if the tools you are using are wrong, or the way you are using them is incorrect, then your make up could still end up looking patchy, cakey, or streaky! And no one wants that. 

But, this is where make up sponges come in. Unlike make up brushes, where there is a million different types for different products and the various densities and length of bristles, it can get a little overwhelming. Not like a simple make up sponge. 

At LDUK beauty, we stock two incredible make up sponges, the Perfect Blend and the Mallow Bomb. So, lets break them down:

The Perfect Blend

You’ve likely seen the iconic, egg-shaped sponges everywhere by now. It’s a favourite amongst beauty bloggers, celebrities and your next door neighbour - and with good reason. Now, take this super popular egg shape, and add a flat side. It looks like someone has taken a slice out of the side of what would be a perfect tear drop shaped sponge, and this is your Perfect Blend make up blender. But, this unique flat side is precisely what makes Perfect Blend such a multi-use tool!

Before using blenders it is ESSENTIAL that you wet them. Never apply product with a dry blender, it will most likely soak up all the product, and not give you the flawless base you have been promised on the item product description. So, rinse the blender under some water until it is completely saturated and then squeeze out all the excess. Now your blender is perfectly damp, and has doubled in size. 

*Pro tip: The level of wetness can also control your level of coverage. If your blender is just slightly damp, you are able to build up medium to full coverage, and if your sponge is very damp, you can get a dewy, sheer finish. 

As a multi-use make up blender, The Perfect Blend can be used for liquid, cream and powder products! So no need to keep carrying around multiple make up brushes when this one tool can do it all. Ideal if you’re someone who wants a quick and easy make up application. 

For the rounded side (the bottom of the teardrop) use this for blending product on large areas of your face, i.e. your foundation or cream contour products. Use a repeated “dabbing” or “stippling” motion to create the most flawless complexion. The soft, foam ball applies a seamless coat of product leaving skin flawless instead of patchy and cakey! 

The precision tip, is the smallest part of the blender. So this is best for covering blemishes and imperfections with your concealer. 

Finally, the flat edge. This distinctive shape makes applying your powder products a dream!! It contours perfectly around the eyes and the nose. Loose powder products sit perfectly on this part of the blender and when pressed into the skin, produces an airbrushed complexion. 

Mallow Bomb

Next up is the Mallow Bomb. Now, this shape is super unique and isn’t something you see on the market often. We are absolutely obsessed with this blender, and were blown away when we first used it to say the least!

The Mallow Bomb is a particularly large blender, and when wet - WOW, it’s huge. Like the Perfect Blend, the Mallow Bomb blender is also a fantastic multi-use make up sponge, and can be used for your liquid, cream and powder products. 

The flat side (the bottom of the blender) is the side you should be using to blend product over large areas of your face. So this will mostly be your liquid products, i.e. your foundation. However, you can also use the tip of the blender for this, and for any cream products. Because of the Mallow Bomb’s XL size the tip is more rounded than most blenders on the market, so if you prefer more of a rounded blender - then we recommend using the tip for blending. 

The precision tip can also be used for your concealers, and to cover any imperfections and blemishes. 

For your powders, and loose powders, we recommend using the flat bottom of the blender, but for an easier application, try compressing the blender together. 

Now you’re an LDUK beauty make up sponge expert, head over to our website and give them a try and let us know which one you prefer! 

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