Beauty blenders, do's and don'ts

Beauty blenders and make up sponges have taken over the market, and they are everywhere!! At LDUK beauty we are obsessed with make up sponges, and stock 2 incredible blenders. The Mallow Bomb Blender, and The Perfect Blend. Both different, and both AMAZING. So here are our do’s and don’ts that will give you the most flawless make up application. 

Do - wet the sponge before using. 

NEVER use the sponge dry. Using a sponge dry will soak up your product and you don’t want that! But, equally - you don’t want a soaking wet sponge either because then the product will not soak into your skin correctly and the product could separate. 

What you need to do is completely saturate your sponge in water. You can do this buy running under the tap, or leave to soak in a glass of clean water. Then squeeze out any excess water, until your sponge is damp - not wet. 

Don’t - drag the sponge across your face. 

When using a sponge, it is important to use dabbing motions to work the product into your skin. If you were to drag the sponge across your face, then what you will end up doing is simply smearing the product across your face, and not actually blending it into your skin. This will create visual lines and a very un-even base.  

By using a repeated ‘dabbing’ or ‘stippling’ motion will create the ultimate flawless base, and is best for applying your liquid / cream products. 

Do - use different parts of the sponge for different things

Don’t just use the same side of the sponge for everything, it has different sides for a reason! 

Both The Perfect Blend make up sponge and The Mallow Bomb Blender have 3 distinct surfaces that gives you numerous ways to apply your make up. Our blenders can be used for liquid, cream and powder products! 

Rounded sides - This is for blending product on large areas of your face, i.e. your foundation. Use the repeated “dabbing” motion we mentioned earlier for the ultimate flawless base. 

Precision tip -  Covers blemishes and imperfections, this is best used for blending your concealer.

Flat edge - Perfect for your powder products, as it contours around the eyes and nose.

Do - clean your blender regularly. 

After each use, clean your make up sponge! Use a pea-sized amount of baby shampoo and water. Then, rinse your sponge but make sure you take extra care as if you squeeze too hard, it could cause the sponge to tear. We recommend that you replace your sponge every 3 months to stop any build up of bacteria. 


By following these simple do’s and don’ts you will be able to create the most airbrushes and flawless make up! 

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