How To Select Your Perfect Strip Lashes

We all love strip lashes right?! They instantly make your eyes pop, and elevate any beauty look. The vast range of strip lashes available on the market now is insane! With so many different styles, lengths, thicknesses, and they’re even made from loads of different materials, it can definitely be overwhelming if you have no idea where to begin, or even what style will suit you best.

Well, we’re here to save you all that time and money. No need to buy 10 different pairs of strip lashes to see which ones suit you! We are going to breakdown the lash styles that work best for you, depending on your eye shape. 

Round Eyes:

If you can see any white around the top or bottom of your iris when looking straight ahead at a mirror, this means you have “round” eyes. Round eyes are less tapered than almond eyes, and appear more open. Take advantage of your open eyes! You will also normally have more eyelid space, meaning you can get away with a thicker lash. 

For a natural look, you want to select strip lashes that fan upwards, if you’re really wanting to draw attention to your open eyes, we recommend a “doll” shaped lash - this means there are longer lengths in the middle of the strip, and shorter lengths at the sides. Why not try our “BABY DOLL” strip lashes. Or, for some extra volume our “BADASS” strip lashes. However, if you would like to lengthen out your eyes, then you will want to try a “cat eye” lash which will give you added length in the corners. For this, we recommend our “FLIRTY” strip lashes. These amazing lashes have an overall ‘doll’ eye look but with slightly longer lengths at the outer corners, creating the perfect subtle cat eye strip.

Almond Eyes:

If you look in the mirror and part of your iris disappears under your lids, you have almond eyes. Luckily, most lash styles look great on you!! So depending whether you would like a natural, wispy or full volume look, your possibilities are endless. Why not try our “DREAMY” lashes for the ultimate wispy lash. Or, if you’d like something a little more natural, then give our “9 TIL 5” lashes a try.

Hooded Eyes:

Hooded eyes often feature a heavy brow bone with a deep-set crease. When hooded eyes are open, they eyelid generally isn’t visible as it retracts into the crease. False lashes can help to open your eyes, and make them look larger. The best strip lashes for you are ones which taper at each end, with the longest lengths in the middle - known as a “doll” eye look. We recommend a natural-medium strip lashes, as anything too full may cause your eyes to look smaller. Give these strip lashes a try - “BABY GIRL”, “AU NATUREL” and “HOTTIE”.

Monolid Eyes:

If your eyelid doesn’t have a crease whatsoever, you will have monolid eyes. Similar to hooded eyes, monolids also have eyelids that are not visible when open. With this shape, you will want to select lashes that have a curl to them, with multi-layers to really open the eyes. For a more natural look, you should be selecting shorter length strip lashes such as our “AU NATUREL” and “CUTIE” lashes. If you are wanting a more dramatic look, choose lashes that will elongate the eye with an upwards curl, we suggest “CLASSY”.

Once you have selected your favourite strip lash, you may need to trim the lashes with scissors to allow them to fit on your eyes perfectly. No matter what your eye shape, all eyes are different sizes so there’s no way one strip lash can fit all. 

Fitting your lashes:

To fit your lashes, rest the false lash along your lash line (without glue), we recommend using our Eyelash Applicator so you can get a clear view of the length of the strip lashes. The lash should begin a few millimetres past the inner corner of your lashes, this will ensure your eyes don’t get irritated. Mark where your natural lashes end with your finger, then, use scissors to trim the end of your false lash. Make sure you always cut from the outside of your eye and fit each lash individually as your eyes can be different sizes!

Now your lashes are the correct size, it comes down to lash application. This does take practise so don’t be disheartened if your lashes aren’t sticking down perfectly straight away. Everyone applies lashes differently, so it’s all down to personal preference. Some people like to use a tweezer like our Eyelash Tweezer or an application tool like our Eyelash Applicator or, you can just use your fingers. 

Firstly, curl your lashes! We believe this is super important, as many of our LDUK beauty lashes have an amazing curl to them, so in order for your natural lashes to blend seamlessly use an eyelash curler for 10 seconds to give your natural lashes a slight lift. Why not try our LDUK beauty Eyelash Curlers

Once your lashes are curled, apply a thin layer of Eyelash Adhesive and wait 5-10 seconds for this to go tacky. Then, take your lash applicator tool of choice (or your fingers) and place the lash into the centre of your eye, then press down the corners to secure in place. Once the entire lash is on the lid, hold for a remaining 10 seconds to ensure the glue is properly dry.

That’s it! You’re all done, so follow these simple simple steps and you’ll be wearing your favourite lashes in no time.

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